Thursday, August 1, 2013


Ohaiyooo !
As what I've mention at the title... WAITING !
yep ! i'm currently still waiting for my CAS letter ! people who have this experience applying for Uni
in the UK might know bout this. 

Without this letter i can't do anything, including applying my visa which is the most important one ! T.T
oh my CAS letter, can you pleas come to mama faster ! I really want to get everything done as fast as i can.

Alright, there's only one more month left till I leave Malaysia.... well, i still didn't feel sad or what *not because i'm cold blooded kay !*
i think most probably it's still early thou... surely i'm gonna miss ALL the yummy food here ! T.T
okay and of course i'll miss my beloved family as well ! *nawww

okay... i really wanted to say that.. I REALLY CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO THE UK ANYMORE !
i'm really really excited ! I've never thought or even dream that i can study at the UK ! 
thanks to my biggest sponsor MY ONE AND ONLY SUPERMAN DADDY !

will try to blog more ! 
CIAO ! =)

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