Thursday, August 1, 2013


Ohaiyooo !
As what I've mention at the title... WAITING !
yep ! i'm currently still waiting for my CAS letter ! people who have this experience applying for Uni
in the UK might know bout this. 

Without this letter i can't do anything, including applying my visa which is the most important one ! T.T
oh my CAS letter, can you pleas come to mama faster ! I really want to get everything done as fast as i can.

Alright, there's only one more month left till I leave Malaysia.... well, i still didn't feel sad or what *not because i'm cold blooded kay !*
i think most probably it's still early thou... surely i'm gonna miss ALL the yummy food here ! T.T
okay and of course i'll miss my beloved family as well ! *nawww

okay... i really wanted to say that.. I REALLY CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO THE UK ANYMORE !
i'm really really excited ! I've never thought or even dream that i can study at the UK ! 
thanks to my biggest sponsor MY ONE AND ONLY SUPERMAN DADDY !

will try to blog more ! 
CIAO ! =)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Can't wait ! =)

Hellooooooo ! my dear diary... it has been awhile...
I've totally forgot that i actually have a blog... a dead blog... 
oh well, and just a moment ago i feel like wanna blog something so, here I am =)

FINALLY ! i passed my year 2 law school ! and the most important thing is that i manage to get into
University of Liverpool ! that's my first choice of all the U and i still couldn't believe that i manage to hit their requirement ! T.T i thought that i'll fail at least one subject ! 

really wanna thanks guan yin ma ! =D
so i really can't wait to go to the UK now ! and travel the whole Europe before i come back again !
it is really a dream come true for me...
CONGRATS to all my classmates as well ! good job everyone! 

i guess i'll start to blog more often when i'm in the UK... to write down every single moment that i think it's worth to remember and all those places ! 

For now, lots of thing that i need to get it done like visa, body check etc.

Another new journey gonna begin ! CAN'T WAIT ! =)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shagri-La, Lafite

okay i skip my birthday post because of this post ! what on earth that's so important that able to make 
me skip my OWN birthday post ?!! 
the answer is FOOD ! =D
I'll get ultra excited when i talk bout food ! and I'm that kind of person that will critic bout the food 
if it taste eeeuukkkkkk! *swear to GOD 

So, i went to Shangri-La, Lafite for fine dinning yesterday. All thanks to my friend Mr. Ng ! =) if not
i wouldn't have the chance to taste all those yummylicious "art". I would describe food as a piece of art 
because i enjoy food but not eat the food.

**forgive me for forgetting the names for the dishes ! and lousy quality pics ! =P

the ambiance is not bad....

so we ordered a 5 course meal and then add on another main course and another 3 dessert !
oh.. not to forget, a bottle of wine too =)

first, we were served with bread. ( sorry that i didn't take any photo of the bread !) i too excited 
already when the bread was served i can't stop myself from eating it ! 
well, the bread is a bit cold thou for me if it's served warm that would be perfect ! 

next is a complementary appetizer

there are 2 different toppings. One is with prawns and another one is foie gras !
this is the first time i ate foie gras... it's so smooth and it kinda melt in your mouth thou !
the prawns topping was okay only.. how good if they take away all the prawns topping and exchange with foie gras for me !!! T.T

the second appetizer, bali risotto 
this is something very unique for me and I'm quite amuse they way they alter it.
they replace the rice where people usually use for risotto to bali !

spot the bali ?
can u imagine ?!! i can tell you it taste superb !
bali is something tasteless and i'm surprised that it goes super well with the gravy
and the slimy-ness of the bali gives a smooth texture on the whole.

third appetizer, this is something that I've never taste before ! it's so special !!!!
it's made up of prawns, crabs, citrus, some spices, caviar and smth that i don't know !!! oh gosh....
i love the after taste of this dish... you'll have that sea food feeling or that sea aroma in your mouth ? LOL
oh and it's a bit spicy thou...

here comes the main course !
first dish is wagyu beef !

HELLO BEEF !!!! can you see the medium rare tasty-ness ?!!
it's superb JUICY ! it goes well the the sauce which is a bit of sweet and sour.
the taste of the rare part of the beef is awesome ! T.T the taste of the blood.... LOL.. sounds like a vampire !
well for people like me who likes beef to be cook medium rare this is perfect ! 
but sadly the outer part is a bit hard to chew thou, i think is a bit over cooked :/
still, it's awesomeeeeeeee !

Second dish, is a pan friend fish with some rice.

well... this one was okay only lah for me...
cause it's just a pan friend fish and some rice at the bottom....
nay.. it was so so only...

third dish, pan fried eel with some veges and mushroom tempura.

i like the texture of the fried eel.. it's a bit salty and it's very chewy ! 
well, not bad i would say... it's something special thou =)

FINALLY ! here comes the dessert !!

firstly, sorbet ! 

this sorbet is super refreshing ! it's sour in taste ! and on top of that is the vanilla whipped cream.
usually the texture of the sorbet it's a bit coarse rite. But this vanilla whipped cream plays an important
role in this sorbet ! it just wrap up the sorbet and make it very smooth ! it's like wao ! 

second dessert, apple crumble 

it taste just nice !! everything in it it's just so nice! T.T
holy mama ! what on earth I've missed in my 20 years of life ?!!
the ice cream that they made is heavenly awesome ! it's so smooth and the taste of it it's so unique !
it's even better than those branded ice cream out there ! i think i'm going to marry this dessert chef !
so i can have this every single day ! yes ! i don't mind to have it every single day man ! 

third dessert, something very super ultra cheese !

this is something like durian, if you like it you'll like it, if you don't it's like eww !
for cheese lover out there ! this is your OMG cube of cheese ! can u see the cheese is leaking out ?
okay i like cheese, but not blue cheese and those " looks like expire kind of cheese".. hahah...
so this is a nono dessert for me ! i can't take this.....
but for those who like pungent smell cheese this is the one ! beside there, there are some topping to 
eat together with. There are some pineapple paste, chocolate sauce and some nuts.

next is something very chocolate !!! 

 nawwwwwww ! very chocolate-ishhhhhhhhh !
beside there there is the ice cream which taste heavenly nice !! T.T
okay next to it is the awesomeness ! LOL okay on top of it it's a layer of melted marshmallow, center is a piece of cookie and the bottom is a whole piece of dark chocolate ! oh gosh.... everything just 
melted in your mouth and also the crispy-ness of the cookie ! this is SUPERB man !

lastly, pumpkin pie !

it's a very nice pumpkin pie ! i don't know what make it so special !!!!
the crust of the pie is so nice ! T.T in case u wonder whats the bubble yuckie thingy beside there
we've no idea... but it taste like milo ! hahaha.... so well.... we guess is the foam on top of the milo..

Every dish is almost perfect i would say. 
Lafite, definitely is a place that I'll go back for more. =)
give it a try people !

Shangri La Hotel 
11 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur 
Lobby level.

Tel : (60 3) 2074 3900
*in case you wanna make reservation 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Early birthday gift !

i wanna say thank you thank you thank you to yiling and zhi huey ! =)
thank you so much for the present ! i love it so damn much !!
i have always wanted one Starbucks tumbler cause i always contribute to Starbucks a lot ! LOL
( i drink Starbucks quite often cause usually i'll study there)
so i thought if i own one tumbler then i can save a little ! =)

so this happened yesterday after class.
cause my Friday class end at 11am so i don't feel like going home straight after that ( p/s ehh ! i'm not a bad girl ah dowan go home is because I've been study for the whole week i wanna go out chill ! ;) )
so happily happily yiling and I went Midvelly for lunch !

once we reached she said she wanted to go to starbucks to buy smth then we headed straight to Starbucks.
so she was choosing tumbler and our conversation goes like this

Yiling : ehh... help me to choose lea,i wanna buy birthday present.
Me : oh, okay loh....
Yiling : ehh u see this one nice anot ? 
Me : nice lea !! (and then i check out the price ) wahlao eh so expensive !
Yiling : aiyo ! nvm lah.... gift what...
Me : okay lo.. up to you... ( then i asked a question that now makes me feel so dumb ! ) ehh.. your friend clumsy anot one ? this one metal one lea... after your friend drop it ah sakit hati u know !!
Yiling : wa.... that friend ah very clumsy one ! but nvm la... nice then okay alrd...

after she paid and we walked out from Starbucks...
she handed me the bag and say " nah... this is your birthday gift ! " and give me big smile !

that moment i was like..... stunned !
i shouted  "OMG ! NO I DON'T WANT !! "
and i repeated many times alrdy...

to be frank.... i'm really touched when i got it.... i nearly cried.
yea i'm that kind of person that little things can make me gam dong and cry alrdy one ! LOL.... 
i very lauya i know ! =P

thank you so much sweetie ! =)

i believe that no friendship is perfect...
we had a small misunderstanding towards each other last time, but well i'm glad that we manage to sort things out... =)
thank you so much for everything =)


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Mei Jin !

so Monday was the day she turn 20 =)
wish you all the best and many many happy returns !! 
okay now already i think she very happy dy.. cause she never fail to smile every single day ! ( i mean during the days when i see her lah, but other days then i dont know ah ) hahah... =P

so she decided to celebrate her birthday at SOULed Out but so sorry that i couldn't make it =(
so i decided to celebrate with her straight after class ! and i suggested we go Publika for lunchie !  

Our Mr. Calvin Chew suggest to have pork burger!! oh nom....... 
so we went FatBoy's burger !!!

Maybe they should change to AngryBoy's burger ! LOL... cause he looks damn marah =P

you can pick your choice of meat like beef, chicken, lamb and pork ! 
and their burger's have all sorts of fuuny cute name !

 MY CHOICE !! The Elvis ! cool rite the name ! hahaha...
and this is a pork burger with peanut and banana ! sounds so eww rite........ i know !
hahha... but turns out.. it taste not bad thou... you won't feel geli at all... and surprisingly it goes well with the meat thou.... =) 
okay i was busy eating so.... didn't take photo for the rest of the burger... =P
so here are some photos i take from the net.

oh ya ! not forget to mention.. their fries is different from the normal fries we had...
it's GIANT fries ! damn fat one !

can u see how juicy it is ??!!


and this is the present that siew yen got for meijin ! IS O.P.I nail varnish ! and what's so awesome bout this is that it glow in dark !!! this is the Halloween addition...
how cool is that !! imagine you go to the club and when people shout " puts your hand in the air ! "
IMMEDIATELY spotted your hand liao loh ! you win liao lo see ! hahahha....
and siew yen said there is sky fall addition one !! omg.... must go n check out alrdy !!
O.P.I always my favorite !

wokayyy is time to ciao !
xoxo peeps ! =)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Woopsie !

wokay ! finally settled down alrdy ! after 4 months of break, finally im back to school again !
okay.. i mean college ! *proudly announce that i'm a second year law degree student nao ! 
*weewit *round applause 
hahahah ! i'm happy and grateful i manage to pass my first year and i hope i'll pass my second year smoothly and go on to sem 3 ! =D

school start.. of course books everywhere nao ! =(
so much reading to do and hell yeah nerdy life again ! 

law oh law......
why i have such interest to you ?

this is what i see.... erm...
almost everyday ? nearly there i guess...... 
i can  imagine that once assignment hits ! i'll definitely look a zombie !
so before i turn into a zombie..
here is a picture of my pretty face !

 teehee ! 
will try to blog more !!
*which i always failed to do ! =P
ciao peeps ! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tea Time at Carcosa

OHAIYO people !
had an awesome day out with le babe Sue sien aka my darling =)
before we start our degree we used to hang out a lot together and went to different kinds of restaurant or cafe with nice ambiance....

so after such a long period of time, we planned to do it again..
so this time i found a nice restaurant for tea time through a food blog..
which is called Carcosa.
NO JOKE ! the ambiance is damn effin nice and good ! it's so ang mo style one !
and i love all those flora prints every where ! i'm quite a flora flora big fans no doubt ! hahah.... especially those English vintage style !! OH MY...... i love gao gao ! =P

okay let the pictures talk and of course i also talk a bit lah... =P
* pictures credit to sue sien ! cause all the picture was taken by here ! =)*

this is how the whole building looks like.... look kinda like normal rite !! 
but inside ah ! you will go.... WAO ! :O

one of the corridor....

seeeeee ! i told you ! very nice kan ?!! i love the curtain so much i tell you !
the flora printing is so nice..... i wish i can have that curtain in my room...
looks so elegant and very English vintage style loh ! 

oh and you can choose to sit either outdoor or indoor..
outdoor you can enjoy the garden view.. and maybe during sunny hot days you won't want 
to sit outdoor thou .. the day when we went, before that ada raining sikit lah.. so it's not that hot thou..
and also !! sit outdoor you can talk as loud as u want ! 
but that day we choose indoor lah... hahah... 

spot the longggggggggg table ? hahah... yea you can bring lots of you friends or family or gfs or bfs
to dine together... i suppose would be nice... 

the happy us with our tea set ! =D

me ! =D 

1st layer: mainly is bread, croissant with smoked salmon.
2nd layer: cookies, fruit cake and some kind of mix fruit which is very juicy
3rd: chocolate and carrot cheese cake and here comes my favorite ! CREAM BRULEE !
* OMG 
every spoon i ate i scare OMG ! hahaha... until ah sien give me that lame look -.-
it's really awesome ppl ! the best cream brulee i have had !
normally the cream brulee i've had is like semi-solid one, is like the egg tart but softer..
but this ! huahh ! amazingly SMOOTH AND CREAMY !
omg !!! it's so freaking nice !!! and the thin layer of burnt sugar ! HEAVEN ! 

here comes the scones
they came with 2 flavors original and with raisins
I've no idea how they made this, i think they use some kind of flour that can make u feel so full after u ate or expending flour ? LOL ones it goes in then expend !! hahaha... nah joking !
well it taste good =)

this is my choice of tea ! Imperial Souchong Tea.. taste not bad kay !
and my darling choice is earl grey =) 

after all the food picture.... is time for a picture of me ! =P 
ahhhh ! forget to warn u i very vain one ! =P

so after that we went to a field outside of the building and have fun with sien's cameo ! =D
* more pictures of me coming ! LOL =P

sien ah i thought we agree to kan tian one ?!! 

i love this !! we look so shu nv ! hahaha =D

this pose i suggest one ! nice ma ? i know quite nice ! hahahha =P
my fave pictures of the day ! 
the very ada "feel" and our smile is so natural one !! we really laugh one !!
i hope we both can laugh like how we laugh in this picture forever ! even thou with mi mi yan also nvm lah...
hahha.... i love you my friend ! 
well i hope we can do this food hunt thingy till we are old and no more teeth ! hahah...
that time is hunt for bubur liao !

Carcosa Seri Negara
Jalan Kebun Bunga
50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 03-2295-0888
Reservation is mandatory as they are often booked up for functions and weddings.